Creativity. Just another buzzword.

People love a great commercial but when was the last time you were inspired enough by a brand to bring it up in a conversation? Probably sometime during the Super Bowl. A time of year when every American watching is receptive to and even anticipating the kind of advertising that will break through and wow them. And more and more lately, the only time of year when marketers seem to want that too – ultimately playing it way too safe, under-delivering and underwhelming their thirsty audience. Imagine how memorable halftime spots would be if advertisers had to prove themselves worthy over the course of a season, like NFL teams must, to even make it to air during the Super Bowl…

And what about the other 364 days of the year? Online or offline, the average person in this country is exposed to anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 messages a day. Performance marketing messages promoting a company’s product or services through a multitude of ever-growing paid channels. Messages, like today’s Wordle, that are forgotten the second the app is closed.

This level of exposure and often bombardment of messaging underscores the competitive nature of the advertising landscape today and the challenge brands face in capturing consumers’ attention. A challenge not easily addressed by data and analytics alone.
But there is a cure. In Chicago, where seasons can seem to change daily, the same could be said of today’s marketing trends, yet one crucial element often gets overlooked: creativity. Not so shockingly, studies reveal that most marketing to consumers lacks genuine creativity. This absence of creative ingenuity not only hinders brand differentiation and its ability to break through but also undermines the potential for building meaningful connections with consumers.

Why is creativity so pivotal in the realm of marketing? Simply put, it’s the driving force behind brand identity and resonance. Many in the industry today drop everything to chase the latest trend, as is evident in the deluge of artificial hype we experience with influencer marketing on social media. The real power lies in tapping into the core of what makes a brand unique: its purpose, mission, and creativity. Consumers are increasingly drawn to brands that resonate with them on a deeper level, transcending mere transactions to forge genuine relationships. Creativity serves as the catalyst for sparking these connections, allowing brands to stand out amidst the noise and leave a lasting impression.

As consumer preferences continue to evolve, brands must adapt by prioritizing purpose, and creativity. But there is pressure on marketers to guarantee results, to fit in, follow the herd and not differentiate or stand out too much. Which ironically, is what brand building marketing is supposed to do. In this consumer landscape saturated with noise, it’s the brands that dare to be different, to be themselves, that embrace creativity as more than just a buzzword, that will emerge victorious.

At OWND – Ideas Factory, we understand the paramount importance of creativity in crafting impactful marketing strategies. Putting ideas to work takes a plan, decision, alignment, and creativity. Our team of seasoned experts embraces a channel-agnostic approach, prioritizing ideas that resonate and deliver results. By placing creativity at the forefront of our process, we empower our clients to unleash the full potential of their brands, driving not only sales but also fostering brand loyalty and advocacy.

We ♥︎ brands. If you or someone you know witness brand neglect, call us at 1-888-222-5555.

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