Chat with your Closest 5,000 Consumer Friends

One of the lesser known categories of marketing to which Ai is rapidly being applied is research.  A few months ago I evaluated the eye-tracking simulation Ai from 3M, VAR (https://thenickjones.com/marketing-next/the-artificial-ad-viewed-by-artificial-eyes), but Ai is being applied to less sexy aspects of research in innovative and interesting ways.

One such application is BoltChatAi (https://www.boltchatai.com/) from global research company, BoltInsight (https://www.boltinsight.com/).  Imagine for a moment that you could “chat” with your customers or brand’s target on WeChat, FB Messenger or similar platforms. It would be great, but a little impractical from a scale perspective. That’s where the Ai comes in.

With advanced Ai targeting, you can find your likely consumers (all of whom have agreed to participate in studies). But the beauty of the system is that they need no special tool or app — everything is done via the chat platform they use every day.  Once at least 10 and up to thousands of consumers have been selected the brand can upload stimulus, concepts, audio, video, products, text questions …anything for which you’d like feedback.  Then the Ai takes up the friendly, moderator-like chat with the panel.

And while you won’t get to chat one-on-one with your consumers, the Ai does, and then provides you with a report on all its collected findings and responses. In 24 hours!  The report can include sentiment analysis, word clouds, pictures (even consumer captures images of product use or lifestyle) and more, all in an easy to read format.

When you consider the volume of data, and variability in research methodologies, it seems to be a more obvious application of AI to do the heavy lifting, and no doubt we will see more and more of this kind of innovative capability in the future.

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