Chat with your Closest 5,000 Consumer Friends

One of the lesser known categories of marketing to which Ai is rapidly being applied is research.  A few months ago I evaluated the eye-tracking simulation Ai from 3M, VAR (https://thenickjones.com/marketing-next/the-artificial-ad-viewed-by-artificial-eyes), but Ai is being applied to less sexy aspects of research in innovative and interesting ways. One such application is BoltChatAi (https://www.boltchatai.com/) from global […]

The Cocaine Effect: How Performance Marketing Can Ruin Your Brand’s Future

Addictive and potentially destructive? Be warned, kids: It may look cool to use SEO, affiliate marketing or email to drive sales, but it only takes a few programs to get hooked! Yes, Performance Marketing has become the cocaine of the modern marketing industry. It offers the immediate gratification of short-term sales spikes and the addictive […]

The Business Savvy of Advertising Creatives: Unveiling Their Competitive Edge

In the dynamic world of business, advertising creatives stand out as remarkable assets, not just for their artistic prowess but for their inherent business acumen. Often underestimated, the best ad creatives possess a unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and market understanding that sets them apart as exceptionally adept business people. Even without the Business […]

If AI Isn’t Part of your Agency Solution, You’re Falling Behind

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the advertising industry is transforming how agencies operate, making them more efficient and effective. AI technologies are being leveraged to automate routine tasks, generate creative content, and provide deep insights into consumer behavior, thereby enhancing the overall marketing strategy and execution. AI Adoption in AdvertisingAI adoption is becoming […]

Reviving Brands: The Essence of Constant Attention

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, brands serve as the heartbeats of businesses, pulsating with the values and promises that captivate consumers. At OWND Ideas Factory, we champion the belief in the transformative power of brands and the marketers who strive not only for success but also for the betterment of consumers, themselves, and the […]

Creativity. Just another buzzword.

People love a great commercial but when was the last time you were inspired enough by a brand to bring it up in a conversation? Probably sometime during the Super Bowl. A time of year when every American watching is receptive to and even anticipating the kind of advertising that will break through and wow […]